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Tracy MurphyPrior to starting Tracy Murphy Coaching in 2015, I held several leadership roles with some very well-respected consumer packaged goods companies including S.C. Johnson, PepsiCo, Johnsonville Sausage and Yankee Candle so I understand the challenges leaders at all levels of an organization face each and every day. Whether it’s:

  • Developing an executive presence that feels natural
  • Finding the courage to stand up and respectfully have the tough conversations
  • Helping your team navigate through changing, and often conflicting priorities
  • Managing your own frustrations so they don’t get the best of you or alienate others
  • Helping team members accomplish things they never thought were possible

I know first-hand how challenging and stressful having an impact and getting results can be AND I also know how rewarding and fulfilling it can be.

During my time in corporate America I came to passionately believe 3 things:

  • True leaders set the tone for their organizations, departments and team – their thoughts, feelings and behaviors create the day to day environment that ultimately drives success or failure
  • Any business professional can elevate their leadership effectiveness and have greater impact with the right support, processes and tools
  • True career fulfillment can only be achieved by dynamic, energetic leaders who have a strong sense of self, clarity on their goals and a focused, yet flexible, action plan for achieving those goals

All of this is what drove me to make the commitment to dedicate my professional life to helping mid to senior level business professionals create greater business impact and get more fulfillment and satisfaction out of their careers.

iPEC Certified Professional CoachMaster Practitioner | Energy Leadership IndexThe Leadership Circle Certified Partner


Executive, Leadership and Career Coaching is a FORWARD LOOKING and ACTION ORIENTED process helping individuals and teams gain clarity on what’s working and how to better leverage it AND what’s not working or missing and what can be done about it.


Not only do I help clients discover the behaviors and patterns of action getting in the way of goal attainment, I also help them uncover the UNDERLYING attitudes, perceptions and assumptions causing the ineffective behaviors and patterns of action – it’s only by understanding and modifying these factors that true SUSTAINABLE CHANGE can happen!


Executive & Leadership Coaching

Elevate performance and leadership effectiveness with the 5D Coaching Process

Career Coaching

Discover the career or role that best fits with you as a whole person and what you need to do to make it happen

Leadership Assessments

Understand what’s driving your energy, performance and leadership effectiveness along with what’s not and why

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Energetic workshops and speaking engagements on a variety of leadership topics


"Courageous, focused and smart as hell, Tracy will help you to challenge and change the belief systems hindering your growth."
Chad HinkleDirector of Qualitative Research
"If you are looking to grow as a leader and a person I would highly recommend working with Tracy!"
Michael S.Business Development Manager
"Tracy's insight, empathy, and razor-sharp thinking are unlike any other I’ve encountered in the corporate world. I can’t thank or recommend her enough.”
Jackie AperiSenior Associate, Consumer Insights & Business Analytics


I know every situation is different and I want to take the time to get to know you and the specifics of your business and situation. I look forward to discussing your circumstances and sharing with you how I can best help; or if I’m not the right fit – I’ll tell you that too – and do my best to help you find alternative resources. I look forward to speaking with you soon!


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