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"I came to coaching wanting to identify and secure a new career. My current role was no longer challenging me, my environment was toxic and the advocates and supporters I had recently left the organization. I was feeling frustrated, stuck and stifled. As I went through Tracy’s coaching process, I was able to understand my strengths, skills, values and interests and identify several possible go-forward career paths that I’m further exploring today through volunteerism. But more importantly, I learned I was actually running away from something vs. running toward something and what I really wanted was a plan for how to help me grow, reconnect and feel valued in my current role. Through Tracy’s coaching, guidance and support and my willingness to step outside of my comfort zone I’ve been able to create an action plan for how to take back control of my career and it includes all the things I need to have, personally and professionally, to drive my own happiness."
Vicki RoeSenior IT Project Manager
"Tracy has helped me in 3 key areas: recognizing and learning to adapt to various different leadership styles within my organization, becoming more disciplined and thoughtful in my approach to managing and resolving conflict and becoming more confident in myself and my abilities to be an influential and strategic member of our leadership team. Tracy provided valuable guidance and perspective and did so in a way that made me feel supported and accountable at the same time. If you want to elevate your communication effectiveness, better resolve conflict and increase your self-confidence, I would highly recommend coaching with Tracy."
Laureen KaczmarekSenior Director Learning Solutions
“I was frustrated in my current role and uncertain about where my career was heading. I knew I could do more, but wasn’t sure what to do next. By working with Tracy, I was able to positively shift my perspective about my current situation and I was able to gain a deeper understanding of myself and the types of work that bring me the greatest satisfaction. I now feel like I’m proactively managing my own career and am moving forward in the direction that I know will bring me the greatest career satisfaction. If you’re not feeling engaged in the work you’re doing or are unsure what your next career step should be, I highly recommend working with Tracy.”
EricIT Business Analyst
“I reached out to Tracy because I was facing several challenges including a constant feeling of frustration at work, allowing the opinions and perspectives of others to determine my professional value and no clear vision for where I wanted to take my career. Right away Tracy helped me identify the triggers causing my frustrations and taught me how to work through them. This learning has enabled me to improve my relationships with others and more effectively deal with conflict. Additionally, Tracy took me through a customized career discovery program to help me determine where I wanted to take my career. This program helped me become very clear and confident about where I wanted to go next and enabled me to develop a go-forward action plan that I’m super excited about! Throughout the whole process Tracy always listened and really understood what I was saying and never judged me — yet at the same time she was always effective in keeping me on track even when things got tough. I would highly recommend Tracy’s coaching to anyone who is frustrated with their current work situation and is ready and committed to make some serious changes– for me the coaching experience was truly transformative and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”
AnonymousQualitative Market Research Manager
“I didn’t know I needed coaching prior to Tracy. I assumed if I worked hard, I would climb the corporate ladder. Granted, I worked a ton with little to show for it but that meant I needed to work harder right? Enter Tracy. Our first session, Tracy questioned and challenged the assumptions I made about myself and others. I knew then her coaching was exactly what I needed. She made me realize how much my internal thoughts held me back at work. It wasn’t about working harder; it was about developing my emotional intelligence. It didn’t take many sessions to feel the difference nor for others to notice the difference. I would not have gotten to this point without Tracy. Her insight, empathy, and razor-sharp thinking are unlike any other I’ve encountered in the corporate world. I can’t thank or recommend her enough.”
Jackie AperiSenior Associate, Consumer Insights & Business Analytics
“Working with Tracy was a motivating and inspiring experience. She provided me the tools and support I needed to: (1) Get a more complete and objective view of myself (2) Truly define what professional and personal success meant to me (3) Uncover how my own thinking and judgment was holding me back from achieving my success (4) Determine a go-forward career path. As a result of Tracy's coaching, I am now confident with my go-forward career path and my ability to make my vision of success a reality! If you are looking to grow as a leader and a person I would highly recommend working with Tracy!"
Michael S.Business Development Manager
“The best word to describe my coaching experience with Tracy is transformative! Not only did she help me realize I wasn’t fulfilled in my then professional role, she helped me identify and acquire a new one that is a much better fit for me and one that I am excited to engage in everyday! I found Tracy’s approach to be honest and straightforward with no sugar-coating. She always had my best intention at heart and was able to relate to and understand my perspective. She created a safe space that allowed me to be fully honest with myself and without that I don’t believe I would be where I am today. If you’re stuck or frustrated in your professional world, I would highly recommend Tracy’s 12 week coaching program – she will help you get to exactly where you want to be.”
Jeremy RoseCampus Director
"No more bullshit. This very easily could have been the name of Tracy’s coaching company. In a world full of posturing and inauthenticity, Tracy stands out as someone who refuses to do either. Courageous, focused and smart as hell, she will help you to challenge and change the belief systems hindering your growth. Tracy’s perspective and knowledge is well earned and is only seen in those who have been in the arena, fought valiantly and won. I have great respect for her and am grateful to have her in my corner.”
Chad HinkleDirector of Qualitative Research