Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Tracy Murphy Coaching provides energetic workshops and speaking engagements on a variety of leadership topics including but not limited to:

Emotional Intelligence

Ability to understand one’s own emotions and others’ emotions and use it to guide thinking and behavior

Dynamic Communication

Ability to be clear, concise and direct and use the most effective medium for the target audience

High Impact Relationships

Ability to create trusting and productive relationships to drive greater results

Time Management & Balance

Ability to use one’s time effectively and efficiently; to be able to concentrate efforts on the important priorities

Influencing and Engaging Others

Ability to create a vision, establish a plan, clarify roles and empower team members to take ownership

Problem Solving

Ability to use logic and intuition, identify the needed resources and hidden issues related to solving problems

Change Management

Ability to transform and align the people of an organization during times of change to achieve the desired business results

Dealing With Ambiguity

Ability to effectively copy with change, comfortably shift gears and handle risk while delivering the highest level of performance

Conflict Management

Ability to step up to conflict, embrace it, see it from multiple perspectives and find common ground and/or cooperation among other enabling forward progress

Building Teams

Ability to effectively blend the right mix of people and styles into high performing teams

Workshops and speaking engagements can be designed to accommodate various time allocations from 1 hour to full-day workshops.

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